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Pharma Marketing: Why Impressions Still Matter

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Let’s face it. When it comes to physicians, delivering your brand's key selling messages at the right time is imperative. With packed workdays and a demanding pace, many physicians cannot engage with marketing messages the way pharmaceutical marketers want them to. 
As advertising becomes more precise, pharmaceutical marketers are no longer satisfied with impressions alone. They want to pay for actions closer to the outcome they need: pay-per-click, pay-per-conversion, written scripts, etc. However, in a highly regulated digital ecosystem, not all impressions are equal. At The Rounds, we have a unique approach and point of view when it comes to the value of physician impressions.


We measure relevant impressions

Many industry sites and networks will boast high impression counts, however, only a fraction of the audience exposed to your pharmaceutical advertising is your truly qualified audience (physicians and HCPs).   

At The Rounds, we eliminate spam impressions and unqualified traffic. Your advertising is served to a 100% verified physician audience, which no open network targeting can guarantee. When displaying your commercial ads or medical content on The Rounds, you know with certainty that every impression is relevant and provides valuable insight into the physician's journey with your brand.


Relevant impressions show real-time performance

Relevant impressions are also useful to measure when choosing to track your ads or content in real-time. After launching a campaign on The Rounds, you can almost immediately see how your message and image land with your true target audience through the number of impressions and engagements. After a few days of monitoring your campaign, you may decide that your content is not resonating with your audience, and your content should adjust to better fit their wants and needs.


Determining ROI from impressions

If you’re constantly tracking and measuring your physician impressions and engagements at each step of the physician journey, you’ll not only be able to understand how relevant impressions are performing, but which touchpoints from your audience matter most. This insight ensures information about your brand/product, or the latest medical advances are reaching your target physician audience effectively.

Tracking the performance of relevant impressions will allow you to gain market insights and make informed decisions about the type of content and design choices to feature in future commercial or medical education campaigns for your target audience on The Rounds.


Let’s discuss how The Rounds' digital solutions can help you uncover metrics that matter.

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